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Anthurium, a single sachet every month will be enough to explode a lot of flowers

Do you want an Anthurium with lots of flowers? You need to get this sachet: if you use it every month you will have a spectacular flowering.

If you want an Anthurium always flowering you have to use this technique that only the expert green thumbs know: in this way a lot of flowers will be born.

Anthurium, characteristics of this beautiful houseplant

Anthurium is a beautiful plant that adapts perfectly to all environments, even to an apartment, if we know how to take care of it in the right way.

It does not require special attention this indoor plant that with its colorful flowers illuminates and colors your home. Speaking of flowers, did you know that Anthurium can bloom all year round? Obviously you have to put into practice some techniques so that the flowering process can take place.

For example, pay attention to where you place your plant. Anthurium, which is native to the tropical jungle, is quite demanding in terms of ambient humidity.

Even if it is a floriferous plant, it can suddenly stop being so. Why does Anthurium no longer bloom? One of the answers is this: all the fault of the lack of proper humidity in the environment.

Sometimes, to ensure flowering, it is also necessary to fertilize its soil. The plant must never lack the right nutrients that are essential to make it grow strong and healthy.

If you also want an Anthurium with lots of flowers, then read on. Today you will discover how a single sachet can save your plant and make it explode with flowers.

The perfect technique for an Anthurium with lots of flowers

Caring for an Anthurium is not very complicated. However, it is necessary to know perfectly the characteristics of this plant which, despite being very floriferous by nature, can stop hunting flowers at any moment.

How come? It is not always the fault of lack of moisture, poor watering or the place where we place our plant. If you have studied the characteristics of Anthurium, you will know that it needs the right humidity to survive being a plant of tropical origin.

You will also know that it wants a lot of light but not the direct rays of the sun that burn leaves and roots. Finally, you will also be aware that it does not require too much water. If you were already aware of this information and therefore believe that you have taken care of the plant in the right way, but your Anthurium does not bloom anyway, then there is another problem: your plant is deficient in necessary nutrients.

How to solve the problem? With  a natural fertilizer! Today we will reveal the secret that only the most experienced green thumbs know. If you use this sachet every month, you will have an Anthurium with lots of flowers!

But a sachet of what do you need to fertilize the soil? Weโ€™ll tell you right away: letโ€™s talk about tea bags. How do you use them? You can resort to two techniques. The first is to bury the sachets, which are biodegradable, directly in the soil of your plant and proceed with irrigation.

The second, instead, consists in opening the tea bags and obtaining the spice contained within them and spreading it in the soil of your Anthurium. Then water the substrate of your plant normally.

Here is your organic fertilizer that you can use once a month. Tea contains tannin, a substance that lowers the pH of the soil making it more acidic and suitable for flowering.

A well-fed Anthurium, it is an Anthurium with lots of flowers. You can also use tea bags to fertilize the soil of other plants but not only. Did you know that they are also an insect repellent? Hang them in the garden and enjoy the summer without the thought of having to fight with flies and mosquitoes that with the heat come to infest our gardens.


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