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Brittany Mahomes Provides a “Sad” Update Regarding Her and Patrick’s Upcoming Pets

Brittany Mahomes, who shares two kids, two dogs and more animals with husband Patrick Mahomes, gave an update on their pet duck.

Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes‘ team has suffered a loss.

One day after the Sports Illustrated model shared that their pet duck was expecting some sweet little ducklings, she found cracked eggs scattered in the yard.

“It was a raccoon at 4:30am this morning,” Brittany explained in her Instagram Stories June 5. “I’m so sad.”

She first revealed the news of their expecting duck on Instagram Stories June 4 alongside a snap of the eggs, writing, “Our pet duck is gonna have 9 babies can’t wait to see them.” However, she posted an update with the sad news that her mama duck lost one of her eggs.

“One of the eggs was broke,” Brittany noted. “I think she literally took it away… and then there were 8.”

But their duck isn’t the only pet in the Mahomes family. In fact, the couple—who share daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes, 3, and son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, 17 months—are also parents to dogs Steel and Silver.

And Brittany actually credits their furry friends for preparing her for motherhood.

“It helped a lot,” Brittany told E! News in May. “I got Steel when I was in college, so just having that responsibility of having to take care of something at all times, I think, helped with my kids and made me the caregiver that I am and made it a little bit easier to transition.”

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

“Obviously, they’re very different,” she recognized. “Dogs are a lot easier than kids but I think it definitely prepped me and the responsibility and always having to take care of someone type of way.”

But she and Patrick, both 28, also know how beneficial having animals in the home has been for Sterling and Bronze.

“It does teach them responsibility,” Brittany added. “And being gentle and being nice and kind.”

Now, keep reading to see just how much Sterling and Bronze have grown.

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