Cardi B Breaks Silence on Speculated $80 Million Net Worth: 'My Earnings Speak for Themselves - NEWS

Cardi B Breaks Silence on Speculated $80 Million Net Worth: ‘My Earnings Speak for Themselves

Cardi B has always been about her dollars long before releasing her financially friendly 2018 single “Money.”

The Bronx native recently sat down with Complex‘s Speedy Morman, who asked about Cardi’s rumored $80 million net worth, which she believes is long in her rear view, as the 31-year-old has entered a new tax bracket.

“I feel like I actually passed almost doing $80 million,” she admitted. “I make a lot of money. I make a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of money.”

Cardi B also made sure to explain that the checks aren’t only fattening her pockets, as she takes care of the financial woes of many friends and family around her.

“But also, I got a lot, a lot of bills,” she added. “I’m taking care of [family]. I’m helping a lot. I’m not going to say I take care, I’m helping a lot, and I help a lot of my friends and I help a lot of my family and everything.”

The “WAP” rapper admitted it’s tough to tell her family no when she’s buying plenty of designer garments and luxury items.

“I gotta say no and I’m buying Birkins,” she said. “I don’t like it when I feel like they playing with me … I remember when I was broke, I was never outside. I just seen you buy some designers. Even when I was a stripper and I had some times that I struggled, I was not buying that s–t.”

Cardi will look to keep securing bags in 2024 as she’s staying busy on the music side and promising her long-awaited sophomore album. She heated up the stove with a pair of singles to kick off the year with “Like What (Freestyle),” which debuted inside the Billboard Hot 100’s top 40, and “Enough (Miami),” which arrived on Friday (March 15).

“I took a little break, I came back on social media. I dropped a little freestyle and everything, y’know, just to wet my feet. A week later, I’m dropping this single, and the next announcement is not going to be a single, it’s gonna be an album,” she told Billboard Canada. “I’m back outside, I’m tired of s–t holding me back. It’s been six years since l’ve dropped an album, so I’m gonna drop an album this year.”

Watch the interview below. Talk of Cardi’s net worth starts around 30:55.

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