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Completely unknown pyramids – Tartaria or ice-free Antarctica?

n recent years, there has been increasing speculation and debate surrounding the discovery of mysterious pyramidal structures in remote and inaccessible locations. Two of the most intriguing theories propose that these enigmatic formations could be located in Tartaria or in regions of the Antarctic continent that are free from ice.

The concept of Tartaria as the site of ancient pyramids has gained traction among proponents of alternative history and archaeology. According to this theory, Tartaria was once a highly advanced civilization that possessed advanced knowledge of architecture and engineering. Evidence for the existence of Tartarian pyramids includes purported satellite imagery and aerial photographs that reveal anomalous geometric shapes in regions traditionally associated with the ancient Tartarian empire.

On the other hand, some researchers have turned their attention to the possibility of pyramids hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica. Proponents of this theory point to satellite imagery and geological surveys that suggest the presence of anomalous structures beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. These alleged pyramids, if confirmed, could rewrite our understanding of human history and the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the Earth.

While both theories remain speculative and controversial, they highlight the enduring allure of ancient mysteries and the quest to uncover hidden truths about our planet’s past. Whether located in Tartaria or the ice-free expanses of Antarctica, the discovery of unknown pyramids has the potential to reshape our understanding of human history and the origins of civilization.


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