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CUTE ALERT: Patrick Mahomes’ Little MVP, Bronze, Shows Off Football Skills Like Dad

In a twist that intertwines the realms of collegiate sports enthusiasm and gentle family ribbing, the Mahomes family has recently been at the center of some adorable and noteworthy attention. From a university’s playful recruitment ambition to a toddler’s unexpectedly fervent interest in football, the unfolding story encapsulates more than just sports—it’s a glimpse into how athletic legacies might just have very early beginnings.

In a cheeky nod to hereditary talent and perhaps future prospects, Texas Tech pulled a publicity maneuver that’s as endearing as it is ambitious. Sterling Mahomes, born into a lineage where athletic prowess seems almost a given, received a letter of intent to play soccer for the university—a mere days after her entrance to the world in 2021. This gesture was not just a hat tip to her father, Patrick Mahomes, and his own collegiate exploits but a playful speculation on the future of a newborn whose athletic journey is anything but written.

Not to be outdone by his older sister’s already notable (if speculative) foray into the world of sports, Patrick Mahomes’ son, Bronze, is capturing hearts and maybe a hint of athletic destiny too. Despite being just 15 months old, Bronze’s affinity for football became unmistakably clear during a family vacation in Mexico.

In a moment shared by his mother, Brittany Mahomes, through a TikTok video, the young Mahomes gripped a standard-sized football with a determination that belied his tender age. His reluctance to part with the ball was not just adorable but perhaps indicative of an early passion for the sport.

This video, a simple yet profound snippet of family time, reveals the natural gravitation of the young Mahomes towards the football—an object emblematic of his father’s professional triumphs. Brittany’s choice to share this moment afforded fans a heartwarming peek into a potential genesis of athletic ambition, or at the very least, a toddler’s burgeoning interest.

Patrick Mahomes himself, an onlooker in the shared video, radiated pride and approval. His nod of assent wasn’t just the support of a father but the recognition from an elite athlete who understands the weight and joy of embracing one’s passions. While it’s far too early to forecast the professional futures of either Sterling or Bronze Mahomes, the family anecdotes and shared moments suggest that the seeds of athleticism and love for sports are certainly being sown.

In a world where sports dynasties sometimes start with little more than a fondness for the game, the Mahomes children are already making waves, albeit in very different ways. Whether these early acts of interest and institutional jest translate into athletic careers remains to be seen. Yet, even now, these stories resonate not just with sports fans but with anyone who appreciates the lighter, more tender moments of family life and the whimsy of imagining what the future holds.


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