The first Taylor Swift fans arrive at the Bernabéu "I spent 600 euros and it was worth it" - NEWS

The first Taylor Swift fans arrive at the Bernabéu “I spent 600 euros and it was worth it”

The first Taylor Swift fans have already arrived at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, where they are waiting camped at the beginning of the concert this Wednesday and Thursday. "I have spent close to 600 euros and it is worth it," one of them has acknowledged.
Equipped with two beach chairs and a kit to make bracelets, up to four people waited around 5 p.m. at gate 46 of the white team's stadium.
Many have come to ask about this "impromptu" camping trip and to take photos, often "without permission."
But not only curious people have come to take an interest in its cause. Some fans of the artist have stopped by to say hello and spend a few minutes in her company, many of them to meet their "future concert partners."
"People of many nationalities have come, mostly Spanish, but also Italians and even a Ukrainian girl," said one of the fans.
At this time there are few 'swifties' who attend to the media, although, as they have stressed, they are taking turns resting in their respective homes or places of lodging, as long as "not to get saturated."
The reason why they have been waiting since this Monday for the singer's arrival at the foot of the Bernabéu: to see her up close.
This is how Emily and Carmen explained it, who arrived around 2 pm to do so. "If it's in my power to see her in the front row, I'm going to do it," they stressed.Both, university students, have invested "many hours of work" to buy the tickets. In her case, Carmen has paid close to 600 euros for her ticket.
Thanks to sporadic jobs during the summer as a private teacher and cashier, she has been able to afford this "dream." "It's worth it," he assured.
From Barranquilla, Gabriela has come along with her sister, María José, exclusively to see Taylor Swift.
They have spent around 3,000 euros on plane tickets alone, which adds to the more than 1,000 for tickets. "It's her birthday gift, although we have also had to save because it is not cheap to cross an entire continent," Gabriela stressed.
Ari has already seen the American singer live. He bought the tickets for Lisbon and, although it was not cheap, he wanted to repeat the experience in Madrid.
"At first I was only going to see it in Lisbon, but since I was coming to the capital, I decided to buy it too," said the fan.

Despite this, the setting up of the
stage has been done at great speed, to such an extent that everything is
practically set up with one day left before the first of the concerts. Without
grass, with the stage and catwalk set up and with the speaker columns already
arranged.a complete success

It will not be the first concert that
the Santiago Bernabéu hosts, but it will probably be one of the most
anticipated. And the tickets flew, which confirms what a success it will be, to
such an extent that they had to put more reduced visibility tickets on sale.

Therefore, Real Madrid already knows
that its stadium will not only be able to host the most spectacular concerts,
but that the assembly is done to perfection, just as fast as the disassembly
will have to be, thinking about the Champions League final, which is the

"I don't see it as an expense. It's magical"
Along these lines, he has acknowledged that it is "a lot of money" and, although he has not been able to tell his mother how much it has cost, he has no regrets. "I don't see it as an expense. It's magical. In the end it's a four-hour concert, plus opening acts," he noted.

Alejandro is a cinematography student and has come to the camp because he wants to "live the full experience" and "prepare for the excitement of the concert."

What's more, he will attend the show accompanied by his partner, with whom he is taking turns so that they both have "enough rest." "We spent the night here," he added in this sense.

This summer, according to what he said, he is going on a tour "to see it in other cities", such as the London concert, for which he has already purchased a ticket. "It's a lot of money but it's equal to the experience it gives you in exchange," he defended.

"I think it is a very collective experience. We all have a special connection with her. She is an artist who tells a story through her music and we empathize," he concluded.

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