Following in the footsteps of Patrick Mahomes and Brittany, Chiefs' Chris Jones Backs Women's Sports - news - NEWS

Following in the footsteps of Patrick Mahomes and Brittany, Chiefs’ Chris Jones Backs Women’s Sports – news

Taking a leaf out of Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany‘s book, the defensive tackle of the Kansas City Chiefs has stepped up in support of the women’s flag football team. Chris Jones met with high school athletes this weekend at the Missouri High School, giving the young girls the experience of a lifetime.

The Chiefs hosted a Girls’ Flag Football Luncheon and shared glimpses of their DT, surprising the young athletes with gift bags. Jones also met the Ottawa University’s women’s flag football team before their KCAC Tournament Championship game at GEHA Field on Sunday. His words of motivation seemed to have worked their magic as the Braves clinched their 4th consecutive victory with a score of 27-8 against Kansas Wesleyan University.

After their latest win, the Ottawa Braves move to the finals of the NAIA Women’s Flag Football Finals. The non-contact sport is not only popular in the university, but a three-time MVP also harbors an Olympic ambition in the sport. Last year, Mahomes had expressed his wish to try his hand at flag football after the sport got included in the Olympics as a new category.

However, the quarterback acknowledged that the players are a bit faster than him, so if in his early thirties, he retains his agility, flag football could see a new star incoming. “I definitely want to,” Mahomes had said in the 2023 press conference. “But I’ve seen some of those guys play the flag football. They’re a little faster than I am. I know there’s not like linemen blocking for you. I’ll be 31, 32 years old. So if I can still move around then, I’m going to try to get out there and throw the football around maybe in LA.”

While Mahomes’ flag football plans are for the future, for now, he continues to show his support for women’s sports in Kansas City, especially with his better half being a former player herself!

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany’s unwavering support for women’s soccer

The Super Bowl Champion isn’t the only one with athletic genes in the household! Brittany is a former professional soccer player, having played for the Iceland-based club UMF Afturelding in 2017. After her retirement from the sport, she delved into behind-the-scenes women’s soccer in Kansas City. She is currently a part of the owner group of the NWSL team, Kansas City Current, along with her husband.

The couple is more than just talk when it comes to supporting a cause, as was evident when they helped seal the naming rights deal for the first-ever dedicated stadium for women’s soccer. The CPKC Stadium is worth $120 million, which the Mahomes couple has contributed to. Furthermore, the Current got a legendary coach for mentorship, former HC of the US women’s national team, Vlatko Andonovski. The landmark move even got Brittany a shoutout from her husband’s teammate, Travis Kelce.

“Brittany is actually the one, like, kind of like breaking ground,” spoke the Chiefs tight end on his podcast. “Like to new areas. Not only getting the women’s soccer team but she’s like, it’s the first women’s I believe professional team to have their own facilities…. So hats off to Britt. Shout out to the Current.”

Often spotted in the stands to support the City Current, the mere presence of Patrick Mahomes is enough to gather the attention the sport deserves for its promotion and development. As for Brittany, she might have long said her farewell to women’s soccer, but her tireless work for the Kansas City Current is a testament to her love for the sport.

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