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What happened between Offset and Quavo? Beef claim explored as former addresses report of Grammys fight

American rapper Offset finally addressed the rumors regarding his and Quavo’s alleged physical altercation at the 2023 Grammy Awards

On February 6, the 31-year-old Clout artist, whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, took to his Twitter handle to shut down claims about his alleged beef with fellow Migos member, writing:

“What tf look like fighting my brother yal n****s is crazy”

Screenshot of Offset’s tweet addressing his alleged altercation with Quavo. (Image via Twitter/@OffsetYRN)

Cephus, Quavo, and the late Takeoff are a part of the rap group Migos, which was formed in 2008. The trio originally called themselves ‘The Polo Club’ but changed their name to ‘Migos’ after the comedy film, Three Amigos.

Quavo allegedly did not want Offset to perform for Takeoff’s tribute at the 2023 Grammy Awards

On February 6, several news outlets reported that Quavo and Cardi B’s husband got into an alleged altercation during the 2023 Grammy Awards so intense that they had to be pulled apart.

As per reports, the duo had apparently brawled over the tribute to their late fellow member, Takeoff. Sources told the publication that just before the Hotel Lobby rapper took to the stage to sing his song Without You during the tributes segment, he and Offset got into a physical altercation.

Several outlets further reported that Quavo allegedly denied the rapper to perform in the tribute segment even though the Grammys asked for him.

Moreover, the duo had fisticuffs after the former allegedly tried to block him from joining him on stage.

Quavo, Takeoff, and Cephus belong to the same family and are directly related. While Quavo is a native of Athens, Georgia, the Clout artist and Takeoff belong to Lawrenceville, Georgia. The late rapper Takeoff was Quavo’s nephew, while Offset is the latter’s cousin.

Prior to his death, Takeoff and Quavo were extremely close, with Cephus being on the outs from the group. The duo called themselves “Unc and Phew,” and performed together occasionally. In October 2022, the duo released a joint album, Only Built for Infinity Links, that included their recent hit single, Messy.

Takeoff, whose real name was Kirsnick Khari Ball, was shot to death on November 1, 2022, in Houston, Texas. The incident happened outside a bowling alley over a game of dice that he was attending with Quavo, who was left unharmed.

In December 2022, authorities arrested a 33-year-old man named Patrick Xavier Clark as the suspect, along with a 22-year-old man, Cameron Joshua, for unlawful carrying of a weapon in connection to Takeoff’s murder.

In January 2023, Clark was released from jail on a $1 million bond but is scheduled to appear in court later in March.

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