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Here’s Every Detail For iHeartRadio’s Album Premiere With Taylor Swift

iHeartRadio Is Becoming iHeartTaylor
We’ve got a “Blank Space,” baby, and we’re writing our new name… iHeartTaylor. iHeartRadio is rebranding as iHeartTaylor in honor of Taylor Swift’s official album release, The Tortured Poets Department on Friday, April 19th.

iHeartRadio’s Album Premiere With Taylor SwiftAs part of Taylor Swift Week on iHeartRadio, we will be premiering The Tortured Poets Department in its entirety starting at midnight ET/ 9 pm PT this Friday. Not only will you get to listen the full album, you will also get to hear exclusive audio from Taylor herself!

Taylor Mini Mixes And Twice The TaylorIn true iHeartTaylor form, we know our Swifties “All Too Well” and couldn’t celebrate the highly-anticipated album release in just one day… We had to make a whole week of it! On Thursday, April 18th, Taylor Swift Week is bringing you “Taylor Mini Mixes,” highlighting some of her biggest hits, AND you’re also getting “Twice The Taylor” where stations across the U.S. will play songs from every era of Taylor’s career to prepare you for your listening party at midnight.

iHeartRadio, soon-to-be iHeartTaylor, is here to make Swifties’ “Wildest Dreams” come true. So don’t miss out on iHeartRadio’s Album Premiere with Taylor Swift. You can tune in to your local iHeartRadio station or on the iHeartRadio app to listen to the highly anticipated album!

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