HOT: 'I'M SO SORRY BB' Justin Bieber's Reaction to Selena Gomez's Broken Hand Surgery! - NEWS

HOT: ‘I’M SO SORRY BB’ Justin Bieber’s Reaction to Selena Gomez’s Broken Hand Surgery!

Justin Bieber’s reaction to Selena Gomez’s broken hand surgery has been one of concern and support, according to sources close to the pair. Reports indicate that Bieber was deeply saddened upon learning of Gomez’s injury and immediately reached out to offer his assistance and well-wishes during her recovery.

Despite the ups and downs of their past relationship, Bieber has remained a steadfast source of support for Gomez during challenging times. His reaction to her broken hand surgery underscores the bond they share, demonstrating his genuine care and concern for her well-being.

Friends close to Bieber have revealed that he has been in regular contact with Gomez since her surgery, offering words of encouragement and expressing his hope for a speedy recovery. His compassionate response reflects a mature and caring attitude towards his ex-girlfriend, showcasing his growth and maturity over the years.

While the nature of their relationship may have evolved over time, Bieber’s reaction to Gomez’s broken hand surgery serves as a reminder of the enduring friendship and mutual respect that exists between them. As Gomez navigates the challenges of her recovery, she can count on Bieber to be there for her, offering his unwavering support every step of the way.


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