Inside Justin and Hailey Bieberโ€™s new ยฃ6.7million Beverly Hills mansion with Seasame Street toys, vintage arcade games and ๐‘ e๐‘ฅy portrait of them kissing - NEWS

Inside Justin and Hailey Bieberโ€™s new ยฃ6.7million Beverly Hills mansion with Seasame Street toys, vintage arcade games and ๐‘ e๐‘ฅy portrait of them kissing

Justin Bieber gave a rare glimpse into the ยฃ6.7million Beverly Hills mansion that he shares with his wife Hailey.

The pop star, 25, and model, 22, married for a second time in a luxurious ceremony in South Carolina and are now giving fans a snapshot into the lavish life they live every day.

Justin shows off his Sesame Street collectionCredit: Instagram

The singer, who is worth an estimated $265million (ยฃ201million), shared a photo of his outdoor pool and hot tub with the caption: โ€œI think I wanna sell my home in Beverly Hills who wants itโ€.

Inside his house things get even more opulent, boasting a staircase lined with Sesame Street memorabilia behind class cases and skateboards.

Their chill out area includes a portrait of the happy couple kissing, alongside a hanging chair and poufs.

Another photo shows the pop star with his two new Savannah cats โ€“ Tuna and Sushi, who he reportedly spent ยฃ28,000 on โ€“ laying beside him on his L-shaped sofa, marble table and framed photo saying โ€œI Love You!โ€

A staircase with a neon sign saying โ€œThe Tropicsโ€Credit: Instagram

The break out area

Lego inspired decorationCredit: Instagram

A chilled out area beside a photo of the newlyweds kissingCredit: Instagram

Mr and Mrs Bieber on their wedding dayCredit: Instagram

Their gigantic bathroom contains a gorgeous marble walk-in shower and the master bedroom comes complete with a fireplace and massive TV.

They also have a Skee Ball Super Shot basketball machine, which retains for around $5,433.

Thereโ€™s also a cellar complete with a foosball table and wine.

The couple bought the 5,132 square foot, 1930s Monterey Colonial brick house from in June.

A peek into the living roomCredit: Instagram

Justin chilling out with his cats in front of the TVCredit: Instagram

Bathroom with a walk-in showerCredit: Instagram

Justin enjoying a hot drink in the kitchenCredit: Instagram

Alongside what he featured in the photos, there are five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theatre and a wood-panelled library.

Justin and Hailey Bieber originally wed in a secret New York ceremony in September 2018.

They re-exchanged their vows in front of 154 guests at the Montage Palmetto Bluff resort in South Carolina on September 30.

Ed Sheeran, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Jaden Smith were among those on the guestlist.

A spot for his two cats Tuna and Sushi, alongside dog OscarCredit: Instagram

Outside after a dip in his poolCredit: Instagram

The massive garage where he keeps his supercarCredit: Instagram

The basketball machine in their games roomCredit: Instagram

They originally got married last SeptemberCredit: Instagram

Hailey and Justin originally met as friends years ago, before having a brief romance in 2016.

The pair were pictured kissing on New Yearโ€™s Eve but broke up after a few months of dating.

They reunited in 2018 and eventually married.

Previously, Justin dated Disney star Selena Gomez and they had an on-off relationship for several years.

Hailey with the two kittens in their bedroomCredit: Instagram

The stairs down to the cellar

More space to relaxCredit: Instagram

Hailey is the niece of famous actor Alec Baldwin.

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