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Mom Randi says that even with his $645K salary, Patrick Mahomes didn’t treat himself to anything until his first Super Bowl as a Chief

Apart from being one of the most talented quarterbacks of recent times, Patrick Mahomes is also known for his love of cars. The Kansas City Chiefs star son became an NFL sensation after leading his team to win the Super Bowl just two years after his draft. Along with the success of football came great money!

The Texas Tech product had an unstoppable ascent after entering the professional league in 2017. With plenty of wins came multi-million-dollar contracts and lavish brand deals. Now, with an estimated net worth of $70 million, the quarterback wasn’t impatient about spending his first paycheck.

When Patrick Mahomes made his first big purchase

Mahomes’ love for expensive rides is quite evident in his over $1.5 million car collection. But the gearhead didn’t spend his first big check by splurging on luxury. Instead, the quarterback was patient and wise with his hard-earned money. In a recent appearance on the ‘Got It From My Momma Podcast,‘ mother Randi Mahomes shared about the first time her son chose to indulge.

When asked if the three-time MVP bought a “nice car” when he started earning big, Randi surprisingly revealed that the QB bought his first car in 2019! She shared how her son took after her in terms of saving and was practical when it came to spending despite earning big bucks. He only chose to treat himself after his first Super Bowl win with a salary of $645k that year.

“He’s like his mom. He saw me struggle and save, and he said, I mean, why would I buy a car if they’re going to give me one to drive?” revealed Randi. “And so he’s like, why would I go buy one? And so his first big splurge was after they won, like a couple of years in when they won the Super Bowl. he bought a car after he, the Super Bowl he bought like a car.”

Mahomes bought a Rolly-Royce Cullinan worth around $340,000. Soon, many more fancy rides would follow, and eventually, it turned into the million-dollar car collection he has today.

Inside Mahomes’ luxurious car collection

After winning his first championship with the Chiefs, the MVP had his first luxury spending, laying the first brick on which to build his future collection. After the Rolls-Royce, a  Ferrari 812 Superfast was Mahomes’ next item of indulgence. Worth $338,000, the sports car is in a striking red with black leather on the inside.

In the coming years, there came a Lamborghini Urus, and another speculated Ferrari. Estimated to be worth $218,000, the Urus was cust

omized with red leather inside and a matte black finish exterior.  Finally, we have the Infinity Q60 Sport and Genesis G70. The latter was a gift after winning the MVP award in 2019 and is priced at $35,000.

Patrick Mahomes has invested in his hobbies and is making good use of the money earned from his magical throws for Kansas City. Ahead for the upcoming season, the quarterback is preparing in full force to achieve his promise of a three-peat.

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