Not Patrick Mahomes & Jackson, but Their 9YO Sibling Finally Wishes Dad on Father’s Day: “Love You to the Moon and Back” (details in post) - NEWS

Not Patrick Mahomes & Jackson, but Their 9YO Sibling Finally Wishes Dad on Father’s Day: “Love You to the Moon and Back” (details in post)

Father’s Day is finally here, and Patrick Mahomes and his family have come about to appreciate Pat Mahomes Sr. on his day. Though the Kansas City Chiefs got around posting a couple of pictures with his kids on Instagram on this day, he hasn’t addressed his father. Well, it was Mahomes’ half-sister, Zoe, who took to Instagram to celebrate her father.

The QB’s 9-year-old sister is not like other kids, sports runs in her blood and it’s safe to say that she has a passion for soccer. Her IG is full of pictures of her playing soccer and though she’s celebrating Father’s Day, the wishes came from a soccer field and yes, Pat Mahomes Sr. was there.

Zoe took to Instagram and shared a picture of her with Pat Mahomes Sr. and it was captioned, “Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for teaching me to reach for the stars!! I love you to the moon and back @silky__p AKA my daddy!!!!!” The photo shows Zoe Mahomes out on a perfectly sunny day on the soccer pitch as her dad hugs her and shows her love.

Mahomes’ half-sister looked as happy as she can be as she got around to spending time with her dad. Though Patrick Mahomes and his sister Zoe participated to celebrate Father’s Day in some capacity, Jackson Mahomes was nowhere to be found. Well, there are other ways to show gratitude to a father and everything doesn’t have to be on social media. Maybe Jackson will get around to it soon.

But bringing the focus back to the Mahomes family’s most celebrated one, Patrick Mahomes did have a nice time on Father’s Day, even though his kids might not have been old enough to express their love to him.

Patrick Mahomes is celebrating Father’s Day, but in reverse!

The Kansas City Chiefs QB posted multiple throwback pictures on his Instagram Stories. His first story shows Mahomes’ kids sat in his lap as they wear the classic blue jeans and white shirt combo. Got to say, the kids look happy, especially Bronze, who has a cute looking football in his hands, with Patrick and Sterling smiling at the camera.

The next couple of photos are also a throwback, but one in particular caught the eye. It’s the 3x Super Bowl champ helping his daughter Sterling to climb a tree. A pretty risky affair but pays off with excitement if done correctly. Another photo shows the QB hanging outside in a warm sunny day as he holds both his kids and smiles at the camera.

There’s another surprise photo in the carousel of his stories that shows Mahomes’ kids cuddled up with him on the couch. Cute is an understatement here. He captioned the photo, “Father’s Day snuggles,” and it seems like he’s truly enjoying his life right now.

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