Off the Lawn: Fred and the WAG’s lavish life comes complete with a gorgeous swimming pool and a picturesque garden -News - NEWS

Off the Lawn: Fred and the WAG’s lavish life comes complete with a gorgeous swimming pool and a picturesque garden -News

One of the Premier League’s top players, Fred of MANCHESTER UNITED, is getting ready to play again as soon as next month.

Many players chose to leave England when the top-flight was suspended in March so they could take advantage of their lockdown with some genuine home comforts.

With his wife Monique Salum and son Benjamin, Fred was one of many who escaped to his native Brazil.

Brazilian Monique started posting pictures from the breathtaking beach resort near Recife, where the family decided to spend the night, right away

Fans were able to learn more about Fred’s family life from the photos that were posted to Instagram.

And it’s safe to sᴀʏ that it’s not difficult to understand why the £52 million ᴘᴜʀᴄʜᴀsᴇ from 2018 decided to leave Manchester for South America.

Monique captioned a photo of the adorable family in matching bear pajamas with the words “Bear family! #StayHome” in which they can all be seen.

Another image depicts the gorgeous seaside city of Recife’s tropical palm trees swinging in the prevailing wind at dusk on a beach.

A lot of happy people can be seen on Monique’s Instagram, including her son Benjamin who was prominently featured during the lockdown.One image with the title “my kitten” shows the youngster sporting his mother’s pink sunglasses.

Another photo shows the infant, who is one, splashing in the pool outside while holding a bucket, and the caption reads, “How he’s grown! My heart aches.

Another shows the family in similar purple swimsuits with a simple caption of “Family.”

Another picture of Benjamin hiding his face in a bouquet of red flowers on Mother’s Day can be seen among the throwback and flashback photos from their visits to Dubai and the Maldives.

“Thank you dad and 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦 for the flowers, you fill my heart with love!” Monique commented with the adorable picture.

But now that Fred has returned to Manchester, the entire United team will be examined for coronavirus on Sunday before they resume training as planned.

The Aon Training Complex at Carrington was closed to all players on Monday, with just the club doctor being permitted access.

It’s reasonable to imagine that Fred and his family are already missing Brazil.

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