"People still haven't realized I don't have abs," Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs star, responds to those who call him a "dad bod." - NEWS

“People still haven’t realized I don’t have abs,” Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs star, responds to those who call him a “dad bod.”

Mahomes made a hilarious comment about the work he does on his figure

PATRICK Mahomes is struggling to stomach some of the negativity from NFL fans.

The Kansas City Chiefs star, 28, has a strong claim to being the best football star on the planet.

Patrick Mahomes has been forced to defend his physiqueCredit: Kansas City Chiefs
The superstar QB chatted to Pat McAfeeCredit: Pat McAfee Show

But even elite athletes cannot escape scrutiny over their figures.

A clip of Mahomes turning up to Chiefs camp brought up the topic of his “dad bod” again recently.

Pat McAfee brought it up on his show and Mahomes took the opportunity to defend himself.

“I feel good man,” Mahomes said. “It kind of surprised me, I thought we got the whole dad bod thing out of the way last off-season, last season actually in the playoffs.

“But I guess people haven’t realized that I don’t have abs.

“So, I’ll continue to work on that and hopefully, one of these days we can figure out how to get a looser t-shirt.

“I mean the backpack is holding my shirt in, man, looser t-shirt at least.”

Mahomes shed some light on the work that goes into his figure.

“You know me, man, I’m not a wine guy, I’m a Coors Light guy, that’s who I am,” he quipped.

“Yeah, I mean the dad bod doesn’t happen by itself, you’ve got to get some Coors Light in there.”

NFL fans spot Patrick Mahomes still has ‘dad bod’ as he returns to Chiefs practice after insisting it’s ‘padding’

Mahomes recently claimed he can no longer match teammate Travis Kelce on nights out.

Mahomes noted that Travis’ brother Jason, formerly a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, can also put them away when partying.

Travis and Jason, however, didn’t agree with this for a second.

“I’m calling bulls**t,” Jason said on the latest episode of their New Heights podcast.

“Pat can keep up. He knows he can. He’s playing coy right now.

“Everybody knows, especially if it’s Coors Light, that nobody’s keeping up with Pat.”

Travis even claimed that he’s seen Mahomes “drink bars out of Coors.”

“When you got a Jheri curl mohawk like mullet going, you can drink some beers,” Jason joked, adding, “I ain’t trying to hear none of this Pat.”

“You’re body don’t look like that for nothing Pat,” Travis then quipped.

“That dad bod, it don’t look like that for nothing.”

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