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Power of Faith: Boys Prayer for Police Sends Message of Unity

This photo of a 6-year-old boy praying for police officers brings hope for the future generation in today’s chaotic world.

The sweet little boy praying is Joshua Garza. After completing his morning swim lesson, Joshua and his mom, Kelly, stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans — Joshua’s favorite.

While they were at the restaurant, the manager went over to a table where some police officers from St. Petersburg were sitting. The manager shook their hands and thanked them for their hard work. This made a little boy want to show his gratitude in his own way.

Stepping Out In Faith

When Kelly and Joshua were ready to leave, their son confidently walked up to the table where the officers were eating. The kind boy asked if he could say a prayer for their safety.

Kelly was surprised by her son’s boldness, but she knew it was just the kind of thing he would do.

“He likes to pray at church, he’s a big prayer warrior,” says his mom.

Proudly watching from a distance, Kelly’s heart swelled as her son finished the prayer with, “And please help us all to live a good life. Amen.”

Kelly snapped a photo of the little boy praying with the police officers, and shared it on Facebook.

Not surprisingly, the touching scene promptly went viral and many praised Joshua for being so bold in his faith.

“Joshua is being brought up in a very loving church, where he has learned that it’s ok to share his faith and that it’s an act of love to pray for others,” Kelly explained.

As for the police officers, they said they were honored to have the little boy pray for them.

So often as adults, we let fear hold us back from doing what the Lord calls us to do. But the boldness of this little angel is a beautiful reminder of what it is to truly live out our faith!


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