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Shocking Update: Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Match Faces Sudden Cancellation Due to Mysterious Circumstances

In a bizarre twist of events on April Fool’s Day, Jake Paul reportedly broke down in tears, pleading with his brother, Logan Paul, to persuade Mike Tyson to cancel their highly anticipated match.

The incident sparked a wave of erroneous headlines, including one that claimed, “Jake Paul Officially Canceled Mike Tyson Fight After Being KO’d In Sparring.” However, with pranks aside, the actual status of the match scheduled for July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, remains uncertain.

**Event Still on AT&T Stadium Calendar**

The fight is currently listed on the official event calendar for AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Joe Trahan, Director of Media Relations & Corporate Communications for the Dallas Cowboys, confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that there have been no indications from either fighter’s camp suggesting the event is in jeopardy. “As far as I know, everything’s locked in,” Trahan stated.

**Approval Pending from TDLR**

Despite the apparent commitment, the fight has yet to receive formal approval from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Tela Mange, Communications Director for the TDLR, mentioned that while a date request has been submitted by the promoter, no proposed fight cards have been received for review. “All bouts are subject to review and approval by TDLR,” Mange emphasized, noting that requesting a date does not guarantee the event will occur.

**Common Cancellations**

Mange explained that it is not uncommon for events to be canceled, with promoters often withdrawing for various reasons before or after submitting fight cards. The approval process involves evaluating the fight records of the combatants to ensure fair pairing, with the final decision resting with TDLR interim Executive Director Brian E. Francis and the TDLR Combative Sports staff.

**Combatants’ Readiness and Medical Clearances**

Mike Tyson, a legendary two-time world champion with a record of 50-6 and 44 knockouts, is scheduled to fight Jake Paul, who boasts a 9-1 record with six knockouts. However, Tyson, who is 30 years older than Paul, has not fought professionally since 2005. Both fighters must undergo necessary medical tests, including EEGs and EKGs, with the possibility of additional testing as deemed appropriate by the TDLR.

**Historical Cancellations Involving Tyson**

Historically, Tyson has experienced fight cancellations, most notably a postponed bout with Evander Holyfield in 1991 due to a rib injury. The fight was delayed until 1995 after Tyson’s conviction and imprisonment for rape in 1992. More recently, in 2018, a bout between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin was canceled a month before the scheduled date after Alvarez tested positive for a banned substance, with the fight eventually taking place five months later.

**Ticket Sales Yet to Commence**

As of now, tickets for the Tyson-Paul fight are not yet available for purchase. Trahan noted the unconventional approach to ticket sales, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the event. “We’re just not really sure,” Trahan remarked regarding the ticket situation.


While the fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul remains on the calendar and both camps seem committed, the final approval from the TDLR and the pending ticket sales introduce an element of uncertainty. Fans eagerly await further developments to see if this blockbuster match will indeed take place as scheduled.


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