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Singing more than 44 songs continuously every night, how does Taylor Swift exercise?

Taylor Swift has her own secret to meeting the tight performance schedule and the duration of up to nearly 3 and a half hours per night of The Eras Tour.

The Eras Tour is Taylor Swift’s largest and longest-running tour ever, with 152 shows in 20 countries over 2 years. For each show, Taylor Swift performs nearly 50 songs divided into 10 different parts for more than 3 hours. To accomplish this, the artist must have high physical, mental and emotional endurance.

Taylor Swift will perform 152 nights in 20 countries in 2 years.

Before the tour was held, Taylor Swift regularly performed cardio exercises to improve cardiovascular health and endurance. Every day, Taylor runs on the treadmill while singing the entire playlist out loud. She runs fast for songs with exciting rhythms, and slows down for softer songs. Taylor also followed a three-month program of strength training, body conditioning, lifting weights at the gym and dancing.

Taylor Swift favors cardio exercises, including jogging.

According to Marie Claire, the pop superstar sticks to a healthy, balanced diet on weekdays and eats to his heart’s content on weekends. “I try to keep my diet simple, not too extreme. I don’t like creating too many unnecessary rules. I know what’s good for me,” Taylor shared.

The Wildest Dreams singer eats a lot of salad, yogurt, buckwheat topped with ham, cheese, fried eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables. On weekends, she “pampers” herself with her favorite foods including burgers, fries, ice cream or cookies. Taylor also focuses on adding protein with lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs and beans to help restore muscles. Before going on stage, she often has a snack to gain energy. During a few minutes break backstage, she will choose dishes that are easy to digest.

Taylor’s health is a matter of concern for many people when she is on a busy tour.

When on tour, Taylor limits drinking alcohol, carbonated drinks or sugary drinks to ensure her body is always in the healthiest state: “I’m really disciplined with this. I stopped drinking a few months before the tour, except except Grammy night because that day was so fun. I don’t want to perform with a hangover.”

The Anti-Hero singer also said she drinks about 10 bottles of water a day. The female singer keeps a lot of water in her dressing room, always carries a bottle of water with her and stores a few bottles in her car. This is not only the secret to helping her compensate for the water she lost while on tour, but also helps her skin retain moisture.

During the days off between shows, the female singer spent all her time lying in bed, not talking to anyone and only going out to get food. “I could barely speak because I sang for three nights, rested for a day, then sang for three more nights. With every step, I heard my bones crunching because I had to wear high heels. But that was a satisfying feeling.” most willing,” Taylor shared.

During a few minutes break backstage, she will choose dishes that are easy to digest.

In an interview with TIME magazine, she said she wanted to do her best to serve her fans and respond to their love. “They tried very hard to get a ticket. I want to bring a longer program than they imagined. This will make me feel satisfied when I leave the stadium.”

Taylor added: “I quit drinking, worked out, and maintained my health and stamina. I know that I will still step on stage whether I’m sick, injured, heartbroken, upset or stressed. It’s a part of my identity. If everyone has bought tickets, I will perform unless I encounter force majeure circumstances.”

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