Taylor Swift becomes a powerful female billionaire: Owns a fortune of USD 1.1 BILLION thanks to music! - NEWS

Taylor Swift becomes a powerful female billionaire: Owns a fortune of USD 1.1 BILLION thanks to music!

Thanks to her diligence in releasing music and going on tour, Taylor Swift has entered the ranks of billionaires.

Taylor Swift is the newest female billionaire in the world of music. According to reports, the female singer has a net worth of about 1.1 billion dollars. Most recently, Forbes magazine published details of Taylor Swift’s huge fortune.

Accordingly, Taylor Swift became a billionaire in October 2023 thanks to income from The Eras Tour and other musical activities. She is the first artist to become a billionaire solely through music activities, not entering the cosmetics and fashion business like other entertainment billionaires such as Rihanna and Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Taylor Swift became a billionaire solely thanks to her music activities

Taylor Swift’s assets include $500 million accumulated from copyrights and tours, $500 million from a massive music treasure and $125 million from real estate. In 2021, the female singer began re-recording old albums, instead of the original album copyright being sold to producer Scooter Braun.

Taylor Swift debuted in the entertainment industry in 2004 and quickly achieved success with the nickname “country music princess”. The female singer gradually turned to Pop music and won up to 12 Grammy awards, was the owner of a huge hit and a sold-out tour.

According to research company AskPro, The Eras Tour has earned up to 2.2 billion dollars in ticket sales in North America alone. Wherever Taylor Swift goes, she stimulates the economy, bringing in a series of tourists, leading to increased demand for services. This tour has not ended and will still continue in 2024. The media calls The Eras Tour the “most successful” tour of an artist who is still in his commercial peak .

Taylor Swift has accumulated a huge fortune and also knows how to spend money. The singer’s real estate investment portfolio has a total value of 80 million dollars . The owner of the hit You Belong With Me owns an apartment in Nashville, a villa in Beverly Hills, a coastal villa in Rhode Island, and a building worth 40 million dollars in New York. The female singer is also rumored to own a Dassault private jet worth $26 million.

Taylor Swift is also extremely generous with charitable donations. The female singer supported organizations and individuals with money after natural disasters, established an Education Center named after herself, and awarded scholarships to public schools in New York. In addition, the female singer has many times made small and direct donations to help difficult situations. Even during The Eras Tour , Taylor Swift also donated to food banks across the United States.

The female singer owns a huge fortune and is very dedicated to charity work

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