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Taylor Swift fainted and lost consciousness on stage?

Recently, Taylor Swift’s fan community was stirred by a series of photos of the female singer fainting on stage while performing. The images made many people worried and curious about what happened to her.

Specifically, when Taylor Swift just finished performing a performance, she fainted. The accompanying dancer carried Taylor Swift onto the sofa and fanned the singer with her hand. Moments later, Taylor Swift regained consciousness and continued performing.

It seemed like a health incident, but this was actually just a situation in Taylor Swift’s performance script. During the shows of The Eras Tour, audiences who go to see it live are probably no strangers to this image.

Taylor Swift is famous for being a female singer with very good physical strength and a high frequency of running shows. So it’s very rare for her to collapse on stage even though the concert lasts more than 3 hours.

Taylor Swift is about to get married with her boyfriend?

Recently, Taylor Swift’s fan community has been stirred up by suspicions that the female singer is preparing for a wedding. Specifically, Travis Kelce’s brother is said to have opened up about this in a recent postcard with his younger brother.

Between the two characters in the movie Bobby Boucher or The Wedding Singer , Jason Kelce thinks his younger brother resembles the character in the movie The Wedding Singer . Travis Kelce immediately burst out laughing after hearing his brother’s words.

This moment made many fans believe that Travis Kelce’s brother was hinting that Taylor Swift and the male player would soon get married. During their relationship, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce seemed very happy compared to previous relationships.

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