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Taylor Swift Takes Charge: Managing Her NFL Star Boyfriend’s Diet

Taylor Swift wants to maintain their public image, which includes keeping their boyfriends in peak physical condition.

Recently, according to People , it was reported that Taylor Swift applied a strict diet to her boyfriend Travis Kelce, after the male football player showed signs of gaining weight after the Super Bowl. Sources close to the couple revealed that the pop star wants to maintain their public image, which includes keeping Kelce in peak physical condition.

Travis Kelce, wing forward of the Kansas City Chiefs team, is a famous player on the football field, often maintaining a playing weight of 113kg. However, insiders say that recent “pampering” of herself has led to unwanted weight gain, something Taylor Swift really wants to change. “Taylor is very conscious of aesthetics for both herself and Travis. She wants him to stay lean and toned, which is important to their image as a couple,” according to the magazine. Globe magazine shared.

Taylor Swift manages the diet of her NFL star boyfriend

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce publicly dated in October 2023. Photo: BT.

Taylor Swift doesn’t just stop at her boyfriend’s appearance, she also wants to change Travis Kelce’s health habits and discipline. “The bottom line is that she doesn’t want her man to have fat, because right now Taylor Swift has a hard time hugging her boyfriend,” Globe shared.

It is known that Travis Kelce is following a strict workout schedule including cardio and full-body exercises, regularly under the guidance of a personal trainer. A source close to Kelce shared: “He is doing a lot of cardio and full-body exercises, and working with a trainer multiple times per week.”

Changing his diet is an important part of Travis Kelce’s plan. Taylor Swift has completely changed his diet, cutting out sugar and processed carbs and limiting his alcohol intake. “Taylor has made Travis quit sugar and starch, and also reduced his alcohol intake. She doesn’t let her boyfriend drink alcohol if it’s not the weekend,” the insider revealed.

Taylor Swift even manages Travis Kelce’s diet down to every detail of his shopping list. “The female singer manages her food shopping and buys a lot of healthy foods so her boyfriend doesn’t deviate from this diet,” the source added. Taylor Swift ensures the rugby star stays on track with his diet plan, designed to help him lose weight and potentially prevent a “beer belly”.

Travis doesn’t like it when his girlfriend controls his eating. Photo: BT.

However, adhering to such a strict diet is a big challenge for Kelce, because he is a person who likes to eat comfortably. The insider said: “It’s hard for Travis, who loves good food. He complains about bland diet meals, but this is the price to pay for dating Taylor.”

Taylor Swift has shared her personal life with NFL star Travis Kelce in a newly released compilation video, accompanying the release of her latest single “Fortnight”, from her 11th studio album. titled “The Tortured Poets Department”. The clip captures a cozy moment when Travis Kelce kisses Taylor Swift on the cheek while she cooks.

Since confirming their relationship in October 2023, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have publicly supported each other’s careers. The singer has been at many of her boyfriend’s matches, including his Super Bowl win, while Travis Kelce has attended her Era’s Tour, from Buenos Aires to Sydney.

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