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Techniques To Avoid Getting Knocked Out In A Fight

Every boxer in a fight aims to launch a knockout and win the fight. To keep yourself intact until the end of a match, one must learn to escape a knockout from the opponent. Learn the basic survival skills like being conscious of specific angles, punch timings, and types of knockout punches. Moreover, tackling your psychological reaction towards a knockout must also be maintained.

The Worry Of Being Knocked Out

The anxiety and agitation of being knocked out are the worst during a match, this fear of being knocked out makes you lose your confidence making you more susceptible to knock out. Apart from the physical loss and pain, it is an emotional loss too. Facing the shame and embarrassing moment in front of all the audience when you are knocked out in the ring.

Beating The Fear Of Being Knocked Out

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your defense strong and regard your rival.
  • The second is to be cautious of the launched knockout punches.
  • The third is to counter every attack confidently.

Knowing The Types Of Knockout Punches

There are numerous types of knockout punches; some main kinds of punches are discussed.

1. Right punch over the incoming Jab

A really simple and fantastic way of knocking out your opponent is to throw a right cross over your opponent’s jab. The timing of the counter-attack is very important for this tactic. The right fist must be launched at the same time as the incoming jab. Keep your energy directed in your punch for an immense effect. This trick works for all fighters- newbies or professionals and at any point in the battle.

2. Right hand and Left-hook trades

Exchanging right crosses or left hooks are the most general knockout techniques. The strategy involves launching a right cross or a left hook, and one of the boxers is strangled tight. The multitude of effect is intensified by the aggregate momentum of both the boxers struggling with their fists. It is also one of the pro techniques of a double-knockout.

Exchange by a Right Cross

The right fist exchange occurs when both the boxers launch a right cross at the same time and one boxer holds the fist of the other and aims for the chin knocking him down. This knockout also happens when one boxer dodges the jab thrown by the other and lands his right punch while the other fighter recoils his missed jab by throwing a right punch.

Exchange by a Left-hook

Apart from the right cross, exchanging a left hook is also a tremendous knockout punch. This knockout happens when both the fighters land a left hook simultaneously but one lands it first to the chin of the other boxer. There are ways to survive this knockout, throw a left hook at the same time your opponent throws it, but keep your defense at alert by guarding your chin with the right hand. Another way is to slip pass by kneeling to avoid the incoming punch then pop-up to attack the target with your left hook.

3. A Left hook to the torso

Aiming at the vital organs of the body is one of the painful ways of being knocking out. Targeting liver from side or back or front by left hooks. Launching a right cross to the solar plexus or right punch to the abdomen, all would knock out your opponent. Body hits may also cause paralysis to the legs and makes a fighter unconscious.

Attacking the body when the left arm is lifted

An easy way to target the liver is by launching an attack when the opponent’s right arm is lifted when throwing the punch. At that exact moment aim for the liver at the exposed body sight.

Attacking the body when the right arm is down

Attack the back of the liver when the right arm is lowered and left hook can be curved around towards the back.

4. Ignorant shots and energy-drain

Ignorant shots are the shots that are not anticipated by you and you were blind to them. The unconscious of such shots is because you have not warmed up enough before the fight. You receive some strong hooks or uppercuts at the start of the fight and you go down. Fatigue shots are due to exhaustion, at the later stage of the match. When a boxer is so fatigued that his energy is drained out, and any surprise punch from the rival knocks him to the ground.

Survival tips

  • Do not always keep your guard up. If your fist is always busy blocking the punches from the opponent you get exhausted and you will not be able to land offensive punches with immense intact and power.
  • Keep your aggressiveness under-control; you cannot risk wasting your energy by reckless attacks.
  • Be aware of every jab you throw, as the opponent would strike back with a right cross which would knock you out. Try to feint the jab and be prepared to counter the rival’s hook.
  • Try to keep yourself safe from the opponent’s power hand. Slipping is the best option for escaping the rival’s power move.
  • Be alert on your head movements, to keep your chin away from the opponent’s blow.
  • Your neck must be trained for swift movements. Your neck must be tucked and your head must be a bit down and inside as a guard.

Useful tips to escape knockout punches

1. Enhance your reflexes

Your consciousness must be aware of unexpected punches and the angles at which they are thrown. Look out for the unexpected so, that you can prepare yourself for a counter attack. For this you should exercise your focus and eye reflexes to see through the tricks. Train with diverse boxers to get familiarized with their movements.

2. Safe head position

The head position during the fight must not expose your chin to avoid the vulnerable spot. There are some simple ways to do this

  • Keep more of the bodyweight on the front foot.
  • Keep the chin low
  • Head must be lowered and forward

3. Avoid turning head

While you turn your head, the side of the head is vulnerable to a deadly blow. This can be handled by shifting weight from back to front foot for right cross and from front to back foot for left fists.

4. Synchronized Fighting

One of the general tactics to escape knockout punches is to have synchronize and rhythmic attacks. There are various sorts of rhythms:

Exchanging punches from the same sides: The trading of punches from the same side is known as In-Rhythm. One boxer’s right hand and the left hand of the other or vice versa.

Exchanging punches from opposite sides: Trading the punches from opposite sides between the boxers is known as counter-rhythm. Punch using the right side or left side of both the boxers. It is a serious and damaging way to launch a knockout.

Random punches: Throwing random punches is known as off-rhythm

In-rhythm: Punching in-rhythm, is exchanging fists on the inside and slipping the opponent’s strike by shoulder rolling. It is the safest and easiest way of rhythm. It is used mostly by the tricky fighters.

5. Safest fight: Inside fighting

The inside fight is the best way to avoid knockouts, which is mastered by a lot of training. You must learn to overcome the incoming punches smoothly in close combat, and get efficient at blocking, slipping, and holding.

Keynote: Being knocked out is always a nightmare for a boxer, overcoming the fear and anxiety of being knocked out by the opponent and mastering the techniques to evade this danger can make a boxer survive till end of a fight.


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