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Travis Kelce dislikes ‘aggressive’ Chiefs schedule, aims three-peat

Travis Kelce has opened up on the Chiefs’ full 2024 NFL season schedule, describing it as ‘aggressive’ amid Kansas City’s bid at an unprecedented three-peat.

Revealing his thoughts on what’s to come this fall on Friday’s episode of his podcast ‘New Heights’, the 34-year-old Travis admitted to not being a fan of early bye weeks, referring to the Chiefs’ 13 days of rest in between games against the New Orleans Saints on Oct. 7 and the San Francisco 49es on Oct. 20 in Week 6.   

‘It gets a little aggressive at the end,’ he further pointed out, referring to Chiefs games in December. ‘We play three games in 10 days. […] That’s a hell of a way to finish out the [regular] season.

‘Holy cow,’ Travis’ older brother and recently retired Philadelphia Eagles center, Jason, replied. 

‘Yeah, we play on the 21st, then we play on the 25th and then we play on…’ Travis said before Jason interrupted him and mentioned: ‘Right before Christmas.’

Travis Kelce has admitted to not looking forward to the Chiefs’ early bye weeks next season

The 34-year-old tight end in preseason practice on Monday at the Chiefs’ OTAs in Kansas City

Switching his mindset almost instantly into a defiant one, Travis conveyed that he accepts the challenge. 

‘It’s always fun looking at the games,’ he said. ‘I think that we got a lot of games that we get to play on prime time. I know that they all might not be on night, but we do play Friday after Thanksgiving, which would be in my mind a primetime game. Even though it’s during the day, and then on Christmas. 

‘I think that was a day game but at the same time it’s a Christmas game and anytime you’re playing on Christmas, everybody’s sitting there watching the tube. 

‘I’m excited man, I get to play you know in front of the entire world a lot and on top of that we got the first two games this season [that] are [against] two of the biggest teams in the NFL and that’s exciting to get pumped up for early on,’ the three-time Super Bowl winning tight end added. 

Travis Kelce comments on ‘aggressive’ end to Chiefs schedule

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Travis and Co. are aiming for a historic three-peat this fall. Pictured in Feb. with Roger Goodell

Travis is referring to the Chiefs’ opening game of the season against the Baltimore Ravens, which will be a rematch of last season’s AFC Championship game – and the Cincinnati Bengals – a matchup that constantly lives up to its hype due to the rivalry between quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow. 


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Cincy shocked the Chiefs in the AFC title game in 2021 to progress to Super Bowl LVI.

‘The only day of the week you’re not playing a football game on this year is a Tuesday. You’re playing Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,’ Jason said at one point on the podcast. 

Witty as always, Travis replied: ‘Yeah, thankfully because that’s when we record this podcast.’

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