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Travis Kelce Learns About All the Benefits of His Relationship with Taylor Swift…

Before he started dating Taylor Swift in the latter part of 2023, Travis Kelce was already hugely successful. The football player was one of the most popular athletes in America, with millions of dollars and several Super Bowl wins to his credit.

He didn’t need the help of a romance to push him to the highest of heights in his field. Now that he is romantically entangled with her, however, he’s expanding his horizons and demonstrating the power of being connected to the biggest musician in the world.

According to a new report published by The Wrap, Kelce is now looking beyond the football field when it comes to his career–far beyond it, in fact. The superstar is seemingly keen to try anything that can extend his celebrity and his working life after he eventually leaves the game that made him famous.

Kelce is said to be “considering movie roles, developing unscripted shows for the star, exploring comedy opportunities, and pursuing product endorsements,” according to those working in the entertainment industry who spoke to The Wrap. He signed with CAA in May 2023 to help him reach new fields and become an even bigger star, and in only a short span of time, a lot has already happened.

The athlete has signed on to produce two films. One, My Dead Friend Zoe, is an indie flick, while the other, King Pleasure, is a documentary about celebrated artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Wrap also reports that Kelce is hoping to produce and star in a reality TV series–another one, that is. He reportedly met with one of the producers of The White Lotus,—who flew to Kansas City specifically to speak with the football player–to talk about the opportunity.

Kelce had a presence in American media before Swift, but his career prospects have become far more interesting and impressive in the months since they were first linked. The timing of these offers and early conversations about new shows, producing films, and more can’t be coincidental. Of course, he may have been able to begin some of these discussions and launch some of these projects if he were still single, as other athletes have done the same before him–but dating Swift certainly has helped.

The connection to Swift has made Kelce a superstar to those who might not have known who he was only a few months prior. While he was one of the most famous players in the NFL, that role still limited him to reaching those who watch football. Now, he’s able to cross over and appeal to not only sports fans, but the countless millions who love and adore Swift and her music. That makes him incredibly appealing to agents and producers looking to hook a star for any number of opportunities.

Swift is at the height of her career, which is really saying something, since she has been the top artist in the U.S.—and the world, in some cases—for more than a decade now. In 2023 alone, she charted two new No. 1 albums and a trio of No. 1 hits. Just a few weeks ago, she won Album of the Year for the fourth time at the Grammys, becoming the only musician to do so. She’s also in the middle of her The Eras Tour, which is already the highest-grossing music trek of all time. Just days ago, she was officially named the biggest act on the planet last year.

What specific jobs and projects Kelce will pick up–and what will stick–is yet to be seen in these early days. Only a few finalized efforts have been revealed, but more are surely coming in the next few weeks, months, and perhaps even years.

The future looks bright for Kelce–and his new romance–thanks to the pair becoming America’s sweethearts. Simply by falling in love, Swift is helping her beau work his way toward media mogul status.

No one should claim that Kelce is dating Swift for the clout, as that doesn’t appear to be the case in any way. While he enjoys his budding romance—and deals with some of the negative consequences of his newfound fame—Kelce is also clearly taking advantage of his new situation, which any smart businessperson would.


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