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Travis Kelce’s Earnings Soar Amid Romance with Taylor Swift

After more than half a year of dating Taylor Swift, rugby star Travis Kelce is said to have spent more than $8 million in love money. Many people may be surprised by this amount. However, in reality, Travis Kelce’s income from knowing Taylor is much greater.

According to British media, about 50 brands are looking to sign a promotional contract with Travis. The player himself has also nodded to some suggestions. Private sources said each of these sponsorship contracts is worth up to millions of dollars each year.

Travis Kelce has just significantly increased his salary after renewing with Kansas City

This player also earns significantly through advertising contracts

Not stopping just a few days ago, Travis renewed his contract with host club Kansas City for another 2 years. With this contract, the 34-year-old player will stay with the team until 2027. Travis will receive a guaranteed salary of 17 million USD per year, an increase of 41% compared to the previous guaranteed salary. Thanks to that, Travis became a rare rugby player to earn over 100 million USD in competition compensation.

“It’s great to play at Kansas. I remember coming here 12 years ago. It’s an honor to continue working with the team for another 2 years. This season, we will explode again,” Travis shared.

Travis’s assets are currently estimated to be about $50 million. Before meeting Taylor, this player only owned $30 million.

Travis is very happy in his relationship with a female singer of the same age. The couple has been “in love” with each other over the past weeks, appearing hand in hand at many notable events.

Travis held his girlfriend’s hand tightly during his appearance before the media

Both are not afraid to show their affection in front of the media

Witnessing the couple’s interaction, body language expert Adam Lyons predicts that the love story between Taylor and Travis will remain strong for a long time.

“They hold each other’s hands tightly every time they appear. This is a sign that both of you are truly immersed in love. They constantly smiled at each other, looking at each other with affectionate eyes. The couple’s relationship seems to be going very well,” Adam commented.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce started appearing together since late last summer. Rumors of the couple’s dating surfaced when Taylor Swift regularly appeared in the stands to cheer for the Kansas City team, where Travis Kelce was playing.

Despite being busy with The Eras Tour and music projects, Taylor has rarely been absent from Kansas City’s matches since September 2023. The two then did not hesitate to publicly show their emotional gestures.

Travis and Taylor reportedly started dating last fall

During the Super Bowl in February, Taylor flew more than 20,000 km from Japan to the US to cheer for her boyfriend. After Travis and his teammates won, the 34-year-old female singer also appeared on the field to celebrate.

The male rugby player flew to Australia and Singapore respectively to watch his girlfriend’s Eras Tour in person. By March, the couple spent a lot of time together, from a joint trip to the Bahamas to watching the Coachella show together in Los Angeles.

Recently, The Sun said that Travis and his family plan to accompany Taylor when she restarts her Eras Tour in Europe in May. Although constantly traveling, it may affect preparations. for the new season with Travis’ Kansas City club, however, the 34-year-old player is still trying to make arrangements. Kansas City’s leadership team also fully supports their love story.

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