Turn up the romance at your wedding with Cardi B’s playlist picks! Discover the songs that set the mood just right - NEWS

Turn up the romance at your wedding with Cardi B’s playlist picks! Discover the songs that set the mood just right

Cardi B Might Not Be Traditional, But Her Songs Are Perfect For Your Wedding

When most couples start planning their wedding playlists, Cardi B probably isn’t the first artist that comes to mind. Traditional wedding songs usually lean more towards classic pop ballads, instrumental covers of popular songs, or easy listening hits. However, Cardi B’s music offers a refreshing twist on the typical wedding soundtrack. While her lyrics may not always be clean, several of her songs have powerful messages of love, commitment, and celebration that are ideal for various wedding moments. Here are five Cardi B tracks worth considering for your big day playlist and why they would work well.

“I Do” (Feat. SZA)

One song that beautifully captures the emotion and meaning of marriage is Cardi B’s ballad “I Do” featuring SZA. Released in 2018 on her album Invasion of Privacy, this song is the perfect choice for a first dance. With its gentle piano melody and heartfelt lyrics, “I Do” is a beautiful declaration of love and commitment between two people pledging their lives to one another.

Cardi sings lines like “I’ll be yours if you be mine/We’ll be together all the time” that speak to the promises of marriage. SZA adds gorgeous harmonies throughout, enhancing the romantic feel of the track. At just over three minutes, “I Do” is the ideal length for a slow dance as newlyweds gaze into each other’s eyes and share a meaningful moment. While Cardi B’s music isn’t known for being overly sentimental, this song showcases her softer side and ability to convey deep emotions through song. For couples looking to incorporate an R&B ballad with sincere lyrics into their first dance, “I Do” should definitely be on the list of options to consider.

“Bartier Cardi” (Feat. 21 Savage)

For getting the party started on the dancefloor, “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage is a perfect uptempo choice. Released in 2018, this track has an infectious, club-ready beat perfect for dancing. While the lyrics do contain some explicit language so it may need editing for more conservative crowds, the energy and rhythm of “Bartier Cardi” is undeniable. Cardi’s catchy flow and charismatic delivery make it nearly impossible not to get up and move to this song.

The song transports listeners straight to the dancefloor of the hottest club. For wedding receptions looking for a way to get all the guests out of their seats and onto the dancefloor from the very first song, “Bartier Cardi” delivers. Play the edited version as the opening song right after the bride and groom’s entrance and first dance, and it will have everyone buzzing with excitement to celebrate the newlyweds. The uptempo pace sets a high-energy tone perfect for dancing the night away at a reception. Even if Cardi B’s style isn’t usually what comes to mind for weddings, “Bartier Cardi” proves she has songs that know how to get a party started from the very first note.

“Finesse” (Feat. Bruno Mars)

For a more mellow vibe during events like cocktail hour, the reception dinner, or even background music during the ceremony, Cardi B’s collaboration “Finesse” with Bruno Mars is an excellent choice. Released in 2017, this smooth, funk-filled track showcases both artists’ talents perfectly. Bruno Mars’ silky vocals paired with Cardi B’s charismatic delivery create the ideal blend.

“Finesse” has a laidback, easy listening quality perfect for background music or low-key dancing. Its upbeat yet mellow tone makes it work well without demanding too much attention, allowing for conversation over dinner or mingling during cocktail hour. Yet the catchy melody and Bruno and Cardi’s stellar vocals still keep the mood upbeat and fun. As a collaboration between two huge stars, “Finesse” brings high production value without being overpowering. It offers the ideal balance of energy and chill that many events at a wedding require. For couples looking to incorporate some Cardi B flavor into their reception in a mellow, easygoing way, “Finesse” is an obvious standout choice.

“Money Bag”

No Cardi B playlist would be complete without including one of her signature girl-power anthems, and “Money Bag” is a perfect energizing choice. Released in 2017, this track is a confident, feel-good bop celebrating female independence and ambition. With its catchy beat and Cardi’s spirited flow declaring “I just want the money, money, money,” “Money Bag” instantly puts listeners in a motivated, unstoppable mood.

This song would be ideal to get brides and bridal parties hyped as they’re getting ready. Play it while doing makeup and hair to get everyone pumped and dancing around the hotel room or Airbnb. Or include it during the pre-ceremony waiting period to keep brides energized and excited. “Money Bag” is also a great song to play right before the bride’s entrance to get all the guests on their feet and anticipating her arrival. Cardi’s empowering lyrics about going after your goals make “Money Bag” the perfect anthem to send off a bride as she embarks on married life. Its high-energy yet uplifting tone is sure to get anyone feeling confident and ready to take on the world – or walk down the aisle.

“Best Life” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

For a more positive, inspirational vibe, Cardi B’s “Best Life” featuring Chance The Rapper delivers an uplifting message that’s perfect for weddings. Released in 2018, this track encourages listeners to appreciate life’s blessings and make the most of every moment. Chance and Cardi trade verses celebrating living in the present and making the most of opportunities.

Lyrics like “We gon’ live life, we gon’ have a ball/We gon’ have fun, we gon’ do it all” convey an attitude of gratitude and making memories. This song would be ideal to play toward the end of the reception as guests are dancing, celebrating, and enjoying each other’s company one last time before the night ends. Its message of seizing the day works as a nice reminder for newlyweds and guests alike to fully embrace and appreciate the love and joy surrounding a wedding.

“Best Life” offers a positive way to close out the reception on an inspirational note before the sendoff. Its feel-good vibe perfectly captures wedding sentiments of living in the present, surrounding yourself with loved ones, and making the most of life’s special moments. While not a traditional wedding song, “Best Life” shows how Cardi B has music that aligns perfectly with the uplifting spirit of marriage.

Bringing Personality To Your Playlist

While Cardi B’s music may not seem like the most obvious choice for weddings on the surface, these songs display her versatility and ability to convey powerful emotions through her art. From romantic ballads to celebratory anthems, she has tracks that work beautifully for various wedding events and moments. Incorporating one or two Cardi B songs can help make a playlist feel unique and add some fun personality.

Her collaborations with artists like SZA, Bruno Mars, and Chance The Rapper also bring high production value. Most importantly, these songs carry meaningful messages that align with wedding sentiments like love, commitment, gratitude, and celebration. Taking a chance on some less traditional Cardi B tracks can offer a refreshing twist for couples unafraid to showcase their individual tastes. In the end, wedding playlists should reflect the personalities and styles of the bride and groom – and these songs prove Cardi B definitely has music to consider for your big day.

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