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What US Police Officers Looked Liked Throughout History

  • Chicago Police Officers During The Chicago City Railway Strike Of 1903

    Photo: Chicago History Museum/Archive Photos / Getty Images

  • New York City Police Officers Checking Out A Seven-Pound Automatic Rifle

    Photo: Bettmann / Getty Images

    NYC Motorcycle Officers Circa 1910, Wearing Newly Issued Revolver Holster Belts

    Photo: George Rinhart/Corbis Historical / Getty Images

    The First Female Traffic Officer In Washington, DC, Circa 1918

    Photo: Universal History Archive / Getty Images

    • A 1925 New York Police Officer Holding A Weaponized Baseball Bat With A Horseshoe Attached To It

      Photo: General Photographic Agency/Stringer / Hulton Archive/Getty Images

      • A New Jersey State Trooper On His Motorcycle In 1930

        Photo: Underwood Archives / Getty Images

      • A New York City Police Officer Next To His Motorcycle In 1938

        Photo: Jack Benton/Staff / Hulton Archive/Getty Images

      • A Georgia Police Officer On His Motorcycle, Circa 1942

        Photo: Hulton Archive/Stringer / Getty Images

      • A Police Officer Next To His Vehicle In 1932

        Photo: Afro Newspaper/Gado / Archive Photos/Getty Images

      • Police Officers Standing On A City Street, 1940s

        Photo: Carl Mydans/Contributor / The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

      • Massachusetts Police Riot Squad During WWII Air Raid Drills In 1941

        Photo: Bettmann/Contributor / Getty Images

      • Mississippi Highway Patrol Prepare To Tear Gas A Civil Rights March In 1966

        Photo: Harry Benson/Stringer / Hulton Archive/Getty Images

      • Chicago Police Officers Patrol The 1968 Protests At The Democratic National Convention

        Photo: Miriam Bokser/Villon Films/Contributor / Archive Photos/Getty Images

      • In 1977, A Tennessee Officer Searches For James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Killer

        Photo: Wally McNamee/Contributor / Corbis Historical/Getty Images

      • A 1978 Massachusetts Officer Uses His Cruiser Radio

        Photo: Spencer Grant/Contributor / Archive Photos/Getty Images

      • Motorcycle Policemen In Miami Take On Beach Patrol In 1990

        Photo: Barry Lewis/Contributor / Corbis Historical/Getty Images

      • An LAPD Officer In 1994

        Photo: Tim Graham/Contributor / Hulton Archive/Getty Images

      • Riot Police In Portland, Oregon, Monitor Antifa And Alt-Right Rallies In 2018

        Photo: Steve Dykes/Stringer / Getty Images News


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